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Aloha from Mermaid Vyana!

Where else can you be guided on a personal tour of an undersea garden, learn how to interact respectfully and playfully with the astonishing creatures that live there, and feel safe because you’re escorted by a real mermaid.
Join Mermaid Vyana (aka Heather Reynolds) on a private or group tour at Mermaid Adenture Tours.  You don’t have to be a mermaid to join us, but you might want to explore the mer-curious part of you that loves the ocean and its creatures!
If you prefer an “inner” adventure, then check out the offerings of the Mermaid Mystery School toward the bottom of the page.  Either way, life is full of surprises and delights for those who stop to notice!  Don’t let them pass you by!

Vyana’s Background

Vyana grew up in Tacoma, Washington, catch and release fishing with her father on the icy waters of Puget Sound.  Her mother was a Master Canoeist trained by the Algonquin tribes of Canada.  Vyana remembers canoeing with Orcas as a small child and playing in the freezing waves during storms at night.  The local aquarium was one of her favorite hang-outs where she could feed the seals and play with the giant red octopus in the touch tanks.
Amazed by the creatures that came up on her fishing line from 300 feet below her, she learned to scuba dive only to find extraordinary undersea gardens that teemed with life.   At 16, she obtained her lifeguard certification, and spent as much time travelling abroad as possible.

Merlawyer for Women’s Empowerment

After spending a year in Istanbul, she decided to law school to make a difference in the lives of women and girls internationally, focusing on human rights.  Graduating with honors from Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C., she drafted and lobbied the passage of a law that assisted individuals with disabilities obtain wheelchairs and won national awards for her non-profit work.  As a visiting scholar at Boalt Hall, Berkeley, California, she found the San Francisco Bay Area was a great place to live aboard a sailboat for 10 years.
After a little over a year of civil rights work in Oakland, California, she decided that the law as written was not actually intended to work even when she won her cases.  She did not want to be part of the dysfunctional “justice”  system and refocused her attention on keeping families out of the court system.  She founded her own law firm and has been practicing law for over 20 years.

The Leap to Hawai’i

Although fulfilling, the law can be quite stressful for workaholics who want to explore their feminine side.  After selling her law practice in 2016, Vyana moved to Kealakekua, Hawai’i, to open Mermaid Dreams Bed and Breakfast with her husband, Bud.  Ask her to tell you this magical story!

Spiritual Transformation

Her mermaid sanctuary provided the perfect healing space where Vyana overcame her lifelong struggle with food addiction.  She created a 13 Step Program which provides daily spiritual affirmations, nourishing wisdom & inspirational stories.  The program is not based on any religion, and Vyana considers herself a mystical free spirit.   Most importantly, Vyana believes that mermaids come in all sizes, shapes and colors.  She stands for freedom, self-discovery through play, creativity and contribution.
After a career in the legal profession, Vyana wanted to explore a spiritual tradition that embodied the feminine aspects of the Divine.  That’s when she met her fairy godmother, Ariel Spilsbury, founder of the 13 Moon Mystery School, and remembered herself as a mermaid.  That was over 10 years ago.  She created her first international mermaid retreat in Northern California in 2011.  She continues to offer transformational mermaid experiences for women here in Kona.  She has been trained in various modalities of water healing such as Aquamystica (Jumana King Harris), Watsu and Healing Dance (Harbin School of Healing Arts), sacred bathing and the ancient art of anointing with holy essential oils (Jade Lotus of the Emerald Temple).

Caring for the Ocean One Heart at a Time

Contributing to the community as a mermaid ambassador of the oceans and the creatures that live there, she hopes to help humanity remember its gift of stewardship and ability to live symbiotically with other life on this beautiful planet.  She founded Mermaid Ambassadors of the East Bay before leaving the Bay Area.
She enjoys using “sit down comedy” as a fun way to carry her message of wonder at the incredibly rich diversity around us.  Coming soon, she will be the news anchor of a mermaid news called “”  One of her wise mentors, mermaid Hannah Fraser, taught her to focus on what IS working rather than what is not.  Both seek to open humanity’s heart with images of beauty rather than devastation.
Mermaid Vyana also loves to fundraise for All One Ocean, founded by Hallie Iglehart Austen.
She continues to be a leader in the Education Committee of the Hawai’i Dolphin Initiative whose mission it is to create harmony in the community rather than polarize around issues such as how to swim with wild dolphins respectfully.

Welcome to Mermaid Adventure Tours! Find our available experiences below.

Ocean Snorkel Adventure

Water Healing Session

I was blown away by the water healing session I had with Vyana. Vyana’s Water Healing experience in the ancient ponds was one of  most powerful healing sessions I have ever experienced. I am a fan of watsu, it is my favorite spa treatment/modality. It was similar to Watsu, but so much more! I felt like I was able to release a tremendous amount during the session and left feeling both very relaxed, energized and renewed.   I highly recommend this experience!

Mermaid Makeover and Photo Session

I went to the Big Island to do some research on retreats for next year. I had a wonderful stay at the Mermaid Dreams Bed and Breakfast and was inspired to do a Mermaid photo shoot with Vyana.  It was a blast! Vyana is a wonderful mermaid muse and photographer.I am so grateful to have met Vyana and to have done this!  The entire experience was so much fun. She took some great photos that I will be using for my retreats!  Highly recommend this magical experience!

Mermaid Dreams Bed and Breakfast

Book a stay at Mermaid Dreams Bed and Breakfast

Mermaid Dreams Bed and Breakfast

I had the most amazing experience staying at the Mermaid Dreams Bed and Breakfast last month, so much so that I decided to bring my husband back with me!  I arrived on the island exhausted and depleted from work. After two nights in this wonderful healing sanctuary, my energy was restored and I regained access to my creativity.  I highly recommend Kealakakua’s Mermaid Dreams Bed and Breakfast.  It is a beautiful and comfortable space to relax and take a break.  Vyana and Bud are the perfect hosts and the breakfasts are delicious, nutritious and satisfying. It was an incredibly nurturing experience for me. I can’t wait to come back!

MagicTail – Your Own Mermaid Tail for swimming!

Circle of mermaids wearing MagicTails
Check Out MagicTails

At the International Mermaid Convention, I was able to try on many kinds of tails from many tailmakers.  I wanted the easiest to wear and highest quality tail I could find.  I love that I can put it on and take it off quickly and have plenty of power in the ocean where I swim daily.  I keep coming back to Magictails made in Germany.  I own about 30 of them, and you can even design your own skin for no extra charge.

Mermaid Vyana